Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a type of Pure Energy. Its clean and you can run any appliance's safely even sensitive equipment.

The advantages of Pure Sine Wave Inverter over modified sine wave inverters:

a) Output voltage wave form is pure sine wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity.

b) Inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter and cooler. 

c) Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV,Game consoles, Fax, and answering machines.

d) Prevents crashes in computers, weird print out, and glitches and noise in monitors.

The benefits of using a pure sine wave inverter:  All equipment currently on the market is designed for use with sine waves.

Some appliances, particularly microwaves and variable speed motors, will not produce full output if they do not use sine wave power inverter.

Other devices, particularly medical equipment may not function at all unless you use a pure sine wave inverter.

A true sine wave produces a much higher equivalent wattage compared to a modified sine wave power inverter.

It is somehow believed that the more you will be using this type of pure sine inverter inverter, the greater the variety of electrical devices and appliances you will be powering.




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