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Polycrystalline Solar Panel

we are the solar panel manufacturers, have the best product and solar panel price support for the customers.we have  polycrystalline module ,which is made from a block of silicon that has multiple crystals. These panels are square in shape, and may have a surface that looks somewhat like a mosaic. polycrystalline modules offer the following advantages: Modern cell production becomes less energy-intensive currently: The running time it takes to compensate the production energy needed further sinks. In accordance with an investigation of ETH Zurich / PSI Villingen in 2000 production energy of a PV module is compensated within less than six operational years by its solar electricity generation. In the whole-ecological analysis solar electricity proved to be 3 times more ecological than the normal Swiss electricity mix (with a high number of hydroelectric power plants), in comparison to the European electricity mix it is better even more significantly. The production process of polycrystalline cells is clearly less energy-intensive than it is for mono-crystalline cells and it is also cheap solar panels, because e.g. lower temperatures are needed. finally, also the slower degradation. The performance loss runs clearly slow as compared to mono-crystalline cells. Hence, about the years calculated, polycrystalline cells offer better yields. Also the performance temperature coefficient is better with polycrystalline cells. The cells heat up more slowly than mono-crystalline. Because every warming leads, however, to lower performance, polycrystalline modules as a rule reach better yields in Middle- and South-Europe than mono-crystalline ones. On account of these facts the ancillary industry has concentrated increasingly upon the manufacture of polycrystalline cells. This means that today there is a clearly bigger offer for poly- than for mono-crystalline cells.














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